Polyferric Sulfate
       Magnesium sulfate
       Calcium chloride
       Ferrous sulfate

Germicide And Algicide


This product is a non-oxidizing double-cationic quaternary ammonium salt and high efficient bactericide. With several kinds of sterilization ingredients, so it has multiple biocide performance. Because it can quickly penetrate the bacterial cell wall thickened by drug resistance, it plays good role and offers strong long-lasting bactericidal effect in the recycled water system with strong resistance to drugs.


This product has features as broad-spectrum, highly efficient, fast, low-foam and sustained efficacy of long sterilization.  It can offer a strong bactericidal effect, good penetration and stripping effect in different PH ranges; it has low dosage , long duration of action, so it is hard to happen drug resistance. 
Based on the environment, season, temperature, the amount of calculation of equipment, we recommend such dosage as 10-150mg / L. Its disinfection capacity of 100 Mg/l is greater than the sterilization-algae-killing effect of 150mg / L of 1227.  It offers no drug resistance, therefore avoiding the cumbersome of mixture of two agents. 
Physical properties:

High Efficient
Transparent liquid
Transparent liquid
Active matter:%
Ammonium salt:%
PH value
Dissolved in water
Dissolved in water
Density (20 ℃)


Widely used as the biocide and peel-off agent of industrial circulating water of petrochemical, fertilizer manufacturing, power generation, steel mills and other industries; it also can be used as the injection bactericide in oilfield.


Cautions for operator: 

Operators should wear latex gloves, protective glasses and protective clothing, if splashed into eyes, rinse your eyes with plenty of water immediately and send to hospital quickly. Prevent spills in the cement floor in order to avoid corrosion; to avoid the erosion of ground, please immediately flush with water.

Packing: 25kg/drum

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